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May. 30th, 2006 | 03:54 pm
mood: happyhappy
music: Liu Geng Hong- Yin Wei You Ni

WARNING: this entry was copied straight from the xanga post (because all church people read xanga only -_-...) but yeah. i told some people about pictures so this is for them to just look through. haha i had a blast this Memorial weekend :) and this is just kind of for my memories because xanga doesnt let you have memories.. (or not that i know of)

soo this is it.. starting the entry.. now!:

oops i totally forgot about the Bacc Mass on THURSDAY and the pics from there. ahha theyre pretty cute so here



in this one i took hella papparazzi pics of beda because he was the closest... so yeah -_-

Beda totally oblivious of my picture-taking.

more on bACC massCollapse )here's the rest of the original entry::


So this memorial weekend has been quite a blast. Spent the majority of 3 days hanging out with church people and just major bonding time and super lovin' it!! <3 Just a whole bunch of great events put together and sooo much fun. here we gooo... these pictures took like 2 hours to resize, 15 minutes to upload, and like another 20 minutes to freaking post. so GOSH DANGIT I BETTER GET SOME FREAKING COMMENTS OR SOMETHING or im gonna go ballistic.

these are a combo from me and hiro's cameras. the better ones are obviously from our camera ;] but i touched his up a bit using photoshop so they look pretty good


there were quite a lot of people there, as you can see. hella on the sides too.

the rest of the billions of pictures of my weekend :)Collapse )

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life's like that o_o.

May. 23rd, 2006 | 09:41 pm
music: Jay Chou- Snow Like Hair

life's a prison when you're in love alone.


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May. 16th, 2006 | 09:53 pm

i'm assuming that a lot of you check LJ instead of email? so i'll post this up here too.

HEY LEO CLUB MEMBERS (or maybe not yet!)

join other Leos on JULY 16, 2006 for the annual AIDS Walk in San Francisco.

be sure to register at http://www.aidswalk.net/sanfran/ ASAP

and join the LEO District 4C3 team.

also, theres going to be a meeting at C-120 this Thursday during lunch, May 18th. So come!

that's about it :p


[edit]: ps, if youre not on the email list, tell me your email. kaythanks

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May. 15th, 2006 | 09:36 pm
music: Guang Liang- Dou Shi Ni

i think sometimes, waiting for someone hurts the most.


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Apr. 30th, 2006 | 08:20 pm
mood: blahblah
music: love.story.hero - dawn of aspiration

Sometimes I don't get how time passes by so fast.
It seems like I just got used to writing "April" on the headings of all my papers...

..and yet a part of me just wants the time to fly by faster.

... but school is totally screwing me over so I need the time.

Don't you hate how life is full of funny feelings like that?

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Apr. 29th, 2006 | 10:12 pm
music: Ronnie Day- Living For Love

gummies are the greatest invention ever <3

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Apr. 26th, 2006 | 09:36 pm
mood: happyhappy

all the pictures on my lj are actually a lot hotter in real life. yum.

thanks to everyone for everything :) esp. steph&christine <3
then to everyone else to said happy birthday and even bothered to get me a present! scott, alysso, etc. etc. :)
and thanks to my parents for a yummy dinner. yummytomytummy ^_^

it was a good day ^_^;;


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Apr. 17th, 2006 | 10:33 am

so after giving up LJ for like 40 days, im pretty sure taht i don't need LJ to really LIVE MY LIFE FULLY haha. and i dont know if this is a forever goodbye, but i probably wont be checking LJ entries every 4 seconds anymore :p so.. i guess if you really wanted me to read an LJ entry you could like comment or whatever and id read it in my email, and go check out that "COOL NEW POST" that you made, but yeah. ahah

i lovee spring break. and i dont know i think the past weekend or the past few days have really opened my eyes or something. when i was younger, i probably never thought that i would actually enjoy Mass and everything that it has to offer me. but for the past few days (after going to church Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday (Easter Vigil), and today, (almost 10 hours full of that Mass-goodnes! HAHA :P) well i dont know . HAHA im pretty freaking hyped and on a high or something becuase well 1) i didnt fall asleep at ANY of them and 2) i actually enjoyed it and i was pretty.. yeah :] happy. haha. yeah i dont want to drone on anymore about it, but yeah, good experiences.

i think i also really needed this break :)

okaydokay byebye :)


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Mar. 1st, 2006 | 12:34 am
mood: gratefulgrateful
music: 183 Club- Magical Smile

after a lot of thought, i think i would be able to give up lj for lent. so yeah. i hope i dont miss too much, and i dont think i'll be checking stuff on your friends pages 40 days later, so byebye :]


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Feb. 25th, 2006 | 12:50 am
mood: bouncybouncy
music: JJ Lin - Jian Jian Dan Dan

hello, Russian Hiro! aka Evgeni Plushenko.. How are you doing today?!

AHAHA MAN i hate on Hiro so much. but the similarity is almost like. uncanny.

hAHHAhaha & Jeff Buttle is so cute :] yUm! :) what an adorably cute-hot precious canadian boy.

Image hosting by Photobucket
and EVAN LYSACEK is pretty good looking too

why do all potentially good looking boys have big noses? :[ SIGH HAhaha.

you can watch him at this url! his short program wasnt as good as this one. I REALLY LOVE THIS ONE becuase look at how pretty he looks on the ice with his BLACK DRESS SHIRT <33 black dress shirts are LOVEEE.. and hes so tall and jock-like for a male figure skater. yay :]

yay for olympics & Men's Figure Skating. im so sad i missed Evan & Jeff's free skate today. like REALLY sad. almost depressed. -_- but i saw Johnny Weir's hAHha he's so pretty,! >_> right....

anyway, how was sadies, guys? :] update update!

ok byee!


look at my wittle baby dog :)
what a cutie <33 i love my Casper! HAha he missed mommy when she went out :/ ehehe <3
sorry about the sideways recording -_- & i also ran out of batteries so it got cut off. sigh. oh well

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