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Sep. 8th, 2006 | 06:10 pm
mood: tiredtired
music: Jay Chou- Tui Hou

lala haven't ljed anything REAL in months..

so.. the LEO meeting was overall pretty bad. ahah i gotta admit it was pretty hectic.. darn you fire drill! :( why did you have to mess everything up...? :/ we had like 0 setup time. sucks. but im glad that we got as many people to come as we did&& im so surprised we ran out of quarter sheets and everything! and wow, so many paid members? unbelieveable! O_O IT'S gonna be a cool year, i hope! :]

anyway, we're still getting the hang of it.. im sure the meetings will be better as we go along (hopefully people didnt lose interest already..) HAHa gosh i love how many freshmen signed up for stuff though :] i have a feeling its going to be a good year for Leo, despite the whole Interact rivalry crap. (-__- where's the whole working-for-the-common-good, people? i hate when im wearing my leo shirt and some random person goes "ew leo." me:"whats that supposed to mean?" person: "it means interact is better!" OKAY...NOT true.. and.. CARE??)

but anyway, school is ALRIGHT. im actually okay-enjoying my classes i guess. im pretty sure by the end of this month ill be kinda swamped.. im kinda just waiting for biology to pick up and kick me in the face because i havent been doing the reading. ive been caught up in all this stuff and taking naps, etc. -___- sigh. i hope i can get into some better habits.. maybe start to practice piano willingly.. (yeah right T_T)

so i just realized like a few minutes ago that i didnt eat anything for lunch.. i had a banana for breakfast && didnt have time for any lunch.. and when i came home i wasnt really hungry.. that means i didnt eat until like 5:30 or somethign (oh! except for a bag of chips in yb. yay) eh. -__- soo unhealthy

but anyway.. yay for singing&lectoring :] can't wait for this year!


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